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    To start with I was a teacher, doing one to one lessons, making songs on the other hand, then I left the mother of my children, and became for me the mission to launch the age of aquarius

    Was I prepared to this ? if I was asked the question 5 years ago I would probably have said no, but as time goes by, I realize how my former life (or lives actually as i had many lives in just one) that everything was there to reach this goal, bringing God's kingdom, named after Raj Patel whom you can find information on the internet

    Actually I do all that to gather my family again, to raise my children Raphael and Rose, whose mother was, unfairly, charged by the system to do so...and to reconquere Natiette, my beloved, that the cops contacted just before the second time we met, to try to separate us.

    Since the things went wrong with Natiette (mix I created from Nathalie her real name, and juliette from Romeo and juliet of course), after the summer 2011 to recover, I started "talking to the cameras" of the system, that are really everywhere, even at people's windows like mine, since 1995. The system employs people that read on the lips, after zooming on the face of the people they hold an inquiry on.I call them "the translators". The main point on these cameras is that they run people mad, and are THE reason for the third world war and many civil wars that will occur in a while. my mission is to have them cut worldwide. Happily enough I'm a missionnary and therefore, I have God's help.In the holly bible Saint John speaks about an image made by the beast, the image is done in such way that it makes it speak, it is precisally what the translators are here for, after the zomm lens they do which is the manipulation of the image Saint Jhon dealt with. What's more, Jesus said "God's kingdom won't let itself observed" which is clear enough ! no camera in God's kingdom, and it even is an clue about the fact the cut of the cameras will be the link beetween the world of nowadays, and the new one. But when they are cut, which is absolutely necessary as it destroys the Earth magnetic shield, and gives bad energy to the hole world, perturbating the climate and turning people mad; people we faint and realize the system did harm to them, therefore the system will be sunk.

    A part of my mission is to make the system realize who it is, the beast, the 666, the devil, the antechrist are other words to qualify it. The aim of this is to prevent the world from new wars after the upcoming ones, and to push them to accept being badly treated after these wars...the first (the system) must be the last, and WILL ! In june 2013 the chief of Corea launched the atomic bomb on the south of the country, I know it , it was NOT a try, when I saw on yahoo news they were about to launch it , I prayed rightaway, and God heard my pray and deactivated the bomb...it was dropped but did no harm at all. If God did not hear me, if I didn't know about it, the chiefs of all countries would have replied sending their bombs to presumibly protect their country, and the Earth would have explosed in three days time. let me tell you that in prophecies, God wants to eradicate humanity, as He is furious toward mankind...it is said He doesn't destroy the world however because of the justs, which we are, Natiette, my children, her's and I either.

    While I'm watched at on the screens of the system, my health and my life are at risk...indeed their eyes, passing through the cameras connected wireless, send me bad energy, which they can't understand nor trust as they are far too stupid ! I repeat them incessantly not to watch me, not to watch me speak at my windows either, that they will be cursed for that cause they do me harm, as putting me on an electrical chair, as I'm electrosensitive. What I do is I show the left cheek... Fortunately I've got something other people usually don't have..sometimes when needed or when i wish so, I close my eyes strongly and my blood makes the noise of a big electrical wire in my head, evacuating rapidly during the time of the noise. my hypnotizer (magnetiseur in french, people giving good energy with his hands) says it is a natural mean I have to auto clean my chakras. It helps me a lot recovering after an attack with their nasty cameras.

    Concerning the cut of the cameras: I must warn you again, when the cameras of the cops are cut where you live: 1) Come back home immediatly if it s not too far, otherwise stay in your offices: avoid moving as everyone will stagger for a few hours or perhaps two or three days I don t know...before feeling alive again ! It takes time for the bad waves to evacuate... 2) Open your windows then shut them after getting used to the change, and do it again till the end of staggering. You ll notice than the cut is so hard too cope with that you need to do this step by step before being able to open windows quietly.(this is my own experience after the several cuts I imposed to the cops in voiron) 3) Stay in a closed room if needed, leaving the other ones in the open air. 4) Expect to experiment hypoglycemia (low level of sugar in blood), be sure you have sugared food to eat at that time.Think that when you don t stagger anymore, that everyone staggers at different moments according to its own sensitivity,first, but also according to its own load in electro-magnetism.Roughly let s say the more you are observed the more loaded you are.So think, when you recover, that people in the street will need to be fed much more than usual 5) Take showers to eliminate the bad waves 6) Of course don t panic and don t be scared...what happens is like air gaps, which causes staggering 7) Think of your grand-parents or old parents that might brake bones falling on the floor...for the other ones, by experience, it is worse if you don t move and wait for it to end; one would rather move , do the dishes, house cleaning...try to walk and learn again equilibrius like a young baby just learning how to walk 8) DON T GO ON PLANES as the air gaps will certainly cause crashes Avoid using moped or motos, as you might fall, avoid driving cars if possible. 9) To electrosensitive people I can say I felt more confortable when getting close to my wooden wardrobe, propably as it is made of wood, which doesn t conduce electricity. 10) I dare wishing people working in hospitals will read this text, and have enough sugar to give to ill people that can t be fed rapidly. It d be a good thing too that cops would stop the motorbikes from drivng and limitate the cars traffic, that they act in the right way this time, to be clear.It would be good too that mayors warn local radios about the cut of the cameras and its effects and what is to be done. It d be a good thing too that politicians say publically -it s only our fault...- S.O.

    EN FRANCAIS: Je vous previens encore une fois, lorsque les cameras seront coupees la ou vous vous trouvez: Rentrez chez vous si ce n est pas loin, sinon restez dans les locaux ou vous vous trouvez: evitez les deplacements car tous le monde va tituber quelques heures voire peut-etre deux ou trois jours je ne sais pas...avant de se sentir revivre ! Il faut le temps que les mauvaises ondes s evacuent Ouvrez les fenetres de votre habitation ou lieu de travail puis fermez les apres vous etre acclimate au changement; et recommencez l operation jusqu a arret des pertes d equilibre. Vous verrez que la coupure est tellement dure a gerer qu on a besoin d y aller par pallier pour pouvoir ouvrir les fenetres tranquilement...(je dis ca d experiences des nombreuses coupures partielles que j ai reussi a imposer aux flics de voiron) Se refugier dans une piece fermee si besoin en laissant les autres pieces aerees. S attendre a etre en hypoglycemie, avoir des aliments sucres a consommer a ce moment la. Pensez aussi, des que vous ne titubez plus, que chacun titube a des moments differents en fonction de sa propre sensibilite et d une mais aussi en fonction de sa propre charge en electro-magnetisme. En gros plus on est observe plus on est charges. Pensez egalement donc quand vous aurez recupere qu il y a des gens a la rue qui vont plus que jamais avoir besoin de s alimenter... Prenez des douches pour habituer le corps au changement. Evidement ne pas paniquer ne pas avoir peur, pendant une coupure ce qui se passe c est comme des trous d air, ce qui fait les pertes d equilibre Pensez a vos grand-parents, parents ages qui peuvent tomber et se casser le col du femur ou autre...pour les plus valides, d experience toujours, c est pire si on s assoit et attend que ca passe, mieux vaut s occuper dans la piece ou vous etes, faire du menage, pour pousser son corps a retrouver l equilibre comme un enfant qui commence a marcher... NE PRENEZ PAS L AVION, les trous d air meneraient tout droit a une catastrophe certaine ! Evitez de rouler en deux roues, et si possible de rouler tout court. Pour les electrosensibles, j ai remarque que cela m aidait de me rapprocher de mon armoire qui est en bois, le bois est un isolant electrique... J ose esperer que les personnels des hopitaux liront ce texte, et auront tout le glucose necessaire en intraveineuse pour les personnes en soins intensifs pour pallier aux hypoglycemies. Il seraient bon egalement que les flics servent a arreter la circulation des deux roues et limiter celle des voitures...qu ils servent a quelque chose dans le bon sens pour une fois en clair ! Il serait egalement bon que les maires previennent les radios locales et que les politiciens fassent publiquement leur mea culpa. S.O.

    Diaporama with Raphael, Rose and Dad

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    About My Music

    Music is my life

    As I have no possibilities to live outside as much as I want to due to the observers, I often walk in the streets of Voiron, hoping to meet Natiette...I go to the same places as she does, the park and the same commercial centers. On my way I always listen to my covers and songs, which help me a lot as even if I'm wellknown on the internet practically no one in my however little town seem to recognize me.My music is on my phone, and I used to say, as I formely spoke to the cameras as I walked the streets using my phone: The phone is not to make people think I'm mad, the headphones are not to turn mad.

    I started making songs seriously during the year 2000 and haven't stopped till. My songs are often love songs but not all of them...also I always try to put much light into them...hope is still there. In most songs I play the keyboards, and for some songs I use a music software to make them.I live of music hoping living of love, Natiette's and our chidren one. Download section The Chat

  • Discography

    La pluie d'or

    This is my first album. When I did it I used to consider it as a summary of my previous hard times...I considered this album as the end of something, I wanted to say what I learned from my hard times, to help others, and personally, to turn the page. But amazingly, I discovered recently that many songs of this album were about Natiette, whom I met in 2011, whereas the album first came out in 2008...and was released again in 2010, then in 2011. I call those songs "premonitory songs". Those songs are really a help for me in this launch of the age of aquarius...they confirm to me Natiette is the one for me, and that she'll come back...but also that I must not be too sad with the separation, as the first song of the album "will my babe come back" tells it.

    Nathalie A.

    This is my second album. I used to think it was for the mother of my children, but discover recently what I suspected before, especially with the song "Nathalie A." When I did it, I knew it was not for my former wife, and recently I understood who it really was for: Natalie Imbruglia. However some songs of this album were dedicated to the mother of my children.

    Le seul rempart

    This is my third album, first out on the 6th of may 2011, just one year before the french presidential elections...it seems this album is prophetic of what was coming next...the wounded bird I am, meeting another wounded bird, Natiette..."une petite fille par terre" confirming my choice to help the homeless, "la mémoire en souffrance" et "et même si" confirming I will always fight for my children, "1-2-3" THE song that made the voiron's cops believe I was a bad witch, premonitory song telling about Natiette's cat that tries to interfere in our relationship, protecting her from men as I often explained it before...indeed cats are some kind of missionnaries...they are there for a certain reason the owner gives it right from the start...and it does everything it can to accomplish the goal it's given."le seul rempart" doesn't deal with me in the first time, and when you listen to the lyrics, you see it's a way of being that is described, a way that brings success according to me, success in overconing lifes problems of course, not financial nor social success in the first time. But as the cops would tease me saying "he believes he's the only fortress" (which is said "le seul rempart" in french), laughing, I decided, as I overcame many difficulties during this inquiry, to say I am the only fortress. Discovering again I'm the saviour of the age of aquarius (I knew it when I was a teenager), I believed it would surprise noone. Anyway I don't show off, this nickname was and still is, a funny way to call myself.


    begining of the series of three albums covering my three first albums with "my new voice" as my voice changed with the birth of my children first (emotionnal reasons), and manely when I met Natiette,as at that time the curing the shrinks had given me for shocks on the head ages ago was cleaned from my body one year after stopping. This curing prevented my voice and imagination to express itself freely. My youtube video "avant/après" shows the difference between the two voices, the first 30 seconds of each song are taken from the first albums, the 30 last second show my new voice as you can hear it on S.O.

    Back to roots

    First album of the two that concerns the songs I did a few years ago, at the same times as the three first albums, but didn't make them know before. This one is with my former voice, the one of the three first albums.

    Back two Roots

    Named so because it's also songs from some years ago, but this time those songs have never been recorded before, they were in my songbook, I used to sing them playing the guitar.They are then recorded with my new voice.

    Just love

    8 songs for Natiette, my beloved...I start the album telling her she couln't be the one, and progressively things are getting better and better and I end by saying there will be no other love.


    Second album from the series of S.O.'s, it is still covers from the three first albums with my new voice...

    Just music

    Just music...everything is in the title. They are both music composed on the keyboard and assisted by the computer.


    Third and last album of covers from the three first ones

    My Girl Rocks

    Manely a rock album, one pop song, one folk song, and another one on the piano, still inspired by Natiette. It was really exciting to make this album off the beaten track. Usually each song is to me a new discovery, but in this album I really express new things artistically. This Natiette never stops pushing me to transcend myself in many ways...

    Te rencontrer

    The album of the reconciliation with Natiette I hope. These songs deal with both Natiette's and my border line unfaithfulness, we're not used to, but the events drove us into a corner...nothing serious however, we will manage ! The songs also deal with the waiting, the quest of this magic love during my trips in town under the malevolent system surveillance and end it up with words of hope as I always like to say in the end of my songs, with "l'amour revit toujours" (love always revives). Natiette and I are like the phoenix, our love will revive from its ashes.

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  • A new LP pretty soon

    A new LP will come out soon, probably called "My girl Rocks"...It'll mainly be a rock album. There will just be one song in english on this LP, as its name does not suggest...During my teens ans still now, I would say some words in english when I really mean something...